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For Kids

Kids are drawn to the stage for various reasons. Some kids are outgoing, some are shy, some are driven by their sense of art, others by their desire for attention. Some kids just like being in the spotlight. Whatever the reasons, they have to start somewhere. When kids are little, parents often seek avenues for their kids to succeed. They also seek avenues for fun for their kids. Sometimes they are making the rounds of summer camps to see what sticks. If a kid doesn't like basketball, maybe he or she will like acting. Many parents that put their kids into theatre will often say that their little girls and little boys are always performing at home. If you have a child that might be interested in theatre, what do you do to get started?

Acting Classes

There are many ways to get into acting. Local acting classes are a great way for young people to get involved in theatre. Enter acting classes in the search bar, and local acting classes will come up. How do you know an acting class is reputable? Check the teachers' resumes. Are they actively involved in the local theatrical community? See their class shows. Talk to other parents. At worst, most acting schools will do your child no harm. At best, they will light a fire under your child that will be beneficial in many ways. Your child's self confidence will grow. Acting classes are a safe way for kids to learn to fail. Theatre is so spontaneous, that even if a scene or a bit of improvization falls flat, there is slways the next scene or improv to work on. Failure is a part of life, but we have learned to be afraid of it. Once children realize that failure is harmless, an inevitable part of growth, they will improve in many areas. Fear of failure stunts growth. Most people are afraid of public speaking. Acting classes will remove that fear. Acting classes provide a ready-made audience for kids to try their stuff on; their peers. Their talent will be harnessed. And one lasting benefit is the development of a close-knit group of like-minded friends outside of the regular school system. This is especially true for kids that feel like outcasts at their regular schools. Acting classes should also be a way for parents to be involved with their kids. If the acting school has an open door policy, you can see for yourself how your child is faring. Most acting classes will welcome any help, that you as a parent can provide. One other important role acting classes would have is in your child's resume. If your child ends up auditioning for local productions or perhaps for a talent agency in a big city and they have a thin resume as most kids will, an acting school that your child attended is very relevant information to put on that resume.

Local Productions

It is highly important for your child to get out there and audition for local productions, to get known and to find out what theatre is all about. You can find auditions in the paper, on social media and on the websites of theatre companies. You can contact local theatre companies and ask that you be put on a mailing list(email) for auditions. If your child does get into a local production, it would be a good idea for you, as a parent, to volunteer for the show to keep an eye on your child and to help make the show a better show. Theatre companies are always looking for volunteers. Sometimes when kids get into productions, their parents think the child doesn't need any more acting classes but that would be wrong. it is always good to take acting classes in conjunction with auditioning for local shows. Bad habits can develop from only doing shows.

There are not many local productions which will feature children, so the acting classes will keep your child busy, learning how to act, and performing in their small class productions.

Elementary School Shows

Your child should also try out for any school shows that their school might be putting on. Granted, that most elementary school teachers won't have a great deal of experience in theatre, but there are some who will, and there is a chance to form special bonds with like-minded individuals.

Of course it is important for parents to support their kids no matter what field the child chooses, be it sports, the arts or science.



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