A Magic Lamp with a Genie inside!

Aladdin is a different type of fairy tale hero than we find in Eurpoean tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The young men and women in these tales are good people trapped in sad circumstances. The Beast is a prince held captive by a witch's spell. Cinderella is trapped in a loveless home and the princess in Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep for a hundred years by a spiteful fairy. Love transforms their lives. Aladdin has more in common with the resourceful cat in Puss in Boots. Aladdin is a street urchin who uses his wits to beg, borrow and steal to survive. He uses his cunning to defeat an evil wizard and gain a great power and fortune. He finds a great ally in a cave in a discarded lamp. A powerful genie who is pledged to serve him. Aladdin does not triumph because of the attribute of moral goodness. He triumphs with his brain. Nevertheless his story is a rag to riches story like Cinderella. A common pick pocket rising to rule a kingdom. We have some more information on Aladdin on our website. Check out the links below.

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Royalty Agreement

1.1 The Author (Charles Robertson) is sole owner and Author of the play of which is wholly original with the Author and has not been otherwise copied in whole part from any other work; the play and use of the play as herein contemplated do not violate, conflict with, or infringe upon any intellectual property rights of any person, firm, organization, corporation, or any other entity.

1.2 The Author (Charles Robertson)has sole and exclusive rights to enter this Agreement and has the rights authority to grant the rights granted by Author herein

2.1 The Author (Charles Robertson)hereby grants to the Producer the right to produce and present the play

3.1 In consideration for the right to produce the play, the Producer agrees to pay the Publisher (Bottle Tree Productions) $75.00 per performance. Upon payment the contract shall be considered signed.

3.2 The Producer shall not have the right to produce any additional performances of the play unless paid for.

4.1 The Producer, recognizing that the play is the exclusive creation of the Author (Charles Robertson), agrees that it will not make or permit to be made any additions, omissions and/or alterations of the play, including dialogue, and stage directions without prior written consent of the Author. Any violation of this paragraph will be sufficient cause for Author to immediately terminate all rights of the Producer hereunder.

4.2 The Producer acknowledges it is the Producers responsibility to obtain the the rights to any music mentioned in the text of the play. The granting of the rights to produce the play does not include the rights to the music mentioned in the stage directions of the play.

5.1 The Author (Charles Robertson) shall receive billing credit in all programs, posters, flyers, advertising and publicity of the play under the control of the Producer. The Author shall be accorded billing with the respect to the play on a line by itself, immediately following the title of the play. Said billing shall be in a type size no less than 50% of the size of the title. No other person receiving billing shall receive larger type than Author.

5.2 The Publisher (Bottle Tree Productions) will be sent a copy of all promotional materials as part of the agreed to contract. Any digital recording of the play must be granted by the Publisher before any performances. The Publisher upon permission will be sent a copy of the video-

6.1 All rights in the play not expressly granted by the Producer in this agreement are reserved to the Author (Charles Robertson) for the Author’s uncontrolled disposition and use.

6.2 The Producer acknowledges and agrees that any copyright of the play, including any extensions or renewals thereof throughout the world, shall be exclusively in the name of the Author. (Charles Robertson)

7.1 The Producer shall email info (at) bottletreeinc (dot)com with the show dates, times and location.

8.1 The Producer shall pay for scripts and performance rights before the first rehearsal. (amount/($75 per performance plus hst) no later than date of first rehearsal.

Shows suitable for children

Park your ride in the Camel Lot and come to the Wellington Street Theatre for this fabulous production of Aladdin. Charles Robertson and Michael Myers' adaptation of the children's story is fun musical entertainment for the whole family. To see information about our last production of Aladdin go to Past Productions Aladdin

Disney's Aladdin scored big with audiences world wide with it's tale of magic and romance, starring Robin Williams as the genie and backed by the wonderful music of Alan Menken, Tim Rice and Howard Ashton. For more information go to Disney's Aladdin

Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp appears in the Arabian Nights, a collection of stories from the Middle East. Other stories include, The Seven Voyages of Sinbad and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. For more information go to The Arabian Nights

To western culture, genies are magical creatures that live in lamps, but there is more to the story than that. To read more go to Genies

Bottle Tree Productions version of Aladdin is full of fun and music. There is a magic lamp, a genie, an evil wizard, a talking, tap dancing camel and much more. Michael K Myers music is infectious. To purchase a script for only nine dollars, go to Aladdin Script



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