Til the Boys Come Home Pg 2

WILL Aw, what’s the hurry? We just got outa high school. We got our whole lives ahead of us. (The three of them start miming an animated conversation. They obviously have a very warm relationship)

TONY What are we? Chopped liver? C’mon Ralphie. (TONY moves to the neighbouring table.)

RALPHIE (Getting to his feet and following TONY.) _ We ain’t no chopped liver. Nope. Not us. Now way siree. You know, I saw in this book, there was this picture of a big eagle, and it was eatin' this guy's liver. And my daddy told me that the bird ate that man’s liver every day for lunch, and every day it would grow back.

TONY What?

RALPHIE (Sits down) In this book I read, I saw this picture of…

TONY I know what you said. I was just wonderin' if you were finally crackin' up. Ralphie: a bird just don’t eat a man’s liver. The guy would run away, or scream or throw stones, but he wouldn’t just let 'im, and also a guy’s liver can’t just grow back. That doesn’t happen in real life.

RALPHIE (Looking lost) But in the book it did...My Daddy said.

TONY Just shut up.

RALPHIE But in the picture.

TONY Ralphie, do you wanna hang around with me or not?

ALEX (Walks away from JIMMY to counter) I told you Jimmy. I ain’t interested. Far as I’m concerned; we’re history. (She grabs notepad from table and moves downstage.)

JIMMY (Intercepts her) Shh…not so loud. Wanna ruin my reputation? (Pulls ALEX downstage right to the edge of the stage. He produces a flask from his pocket and grabs her hand.) Look, I got us some gin…When do you get off work?

ALEX (Pulls away.) Don’t touch me!

JIMMY (Looks around embarrassed) Shh. (Grabs her arm and pulls her in close.) Don’t be like that. We had some fun times together.

ALEX Had, Jimmy, had. Now, do ya want sumthin' or not?


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Til the Boys Come Home



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