Charles Robertson

Charles Robertson is an award-winning playwright, who has been involved in theatre for many years.

He has written plays, directed, stage managed, designed lights, sound and sets for various companies, including The Grand Theatre, Domino Theatre, and his own; Bottle Tree Productions.

Charles took on the directorship and administration of The Wellington Street Theatre in 2006, and it proved to be a magnet for various performers and groups, both local and from across Canada. His past experience as the Artistic Director for Theatre 5 proved to be helpful in running this new venue under his own company. 'The Wellington' was a successfully run venue from 2006 until its sale in 2011.

Promoting and supporting young people is always at the forefront of Charles' efforts. He has been the main influence and catalyst in securing positions at prestigious acting schools, as well as getting agents and paid work for aspiring actors. His method is quiet but effective, as he strives to offer experience to young people so that they can succeed, or fail gently and learn the important lesson that falling down is less important than standing up again.

He has directed and taught theatre to hundreds of children over the years, many of whom have gone on to make theatre their profession. Bottle Tree Productions' own drama school has been very successful in offering opportunities to children to get on stage in a meaningful way, with high standards of performance, quality production values, and competent, kind, guidance.

Writing is Charles' creative forte. He has authored hundreds of plays including musical fairy tales, adaptations of novels, histories and myths. He has also created anthologies for use as teaching tools for both dramatic arts and mainstream curriculum. Several of Charles' plays are award-winners, and have entertained audiences around the world. His play, 'Ghost of the Tree' has been translated into Greek, and his fairy tale series of plays have enthralled audiences of all ages for decades.

Charles mentors playwrights from around the English-speaking world, and helps to promote fellow writers. He launched the Bottle Tree Productions annual play writing competition in 2009 in order to promote playwrights globally. This competition offers a cash prize for first to third place, as well as promotion for the writers on the Bottle Tree Productions website.

The website is a point of pride for both Charles and Anne Marie. It is a free, extensive online resource for actors and creatives of all ages - anywhere in the world. It grows daily, as they add valuable information to help people understand the high points and potential pitfalls of work in the Arts sector. Creative work is at times a sole pursuit, and at times collaborative. Charles enjoys both sides of this coin. When you do not see him directing or working with young people, he is busy writing scripts that will allow them to shine.