How to Make a Turban (pt.2 of 2)

Finishing the Hat

(Yes, I know!)

And this is what half-way done looks like. So, you're half done, because you have started at the beginning of this turban tutorial. You have the tube sewn, and glued to the hat form, and you are ready for the fun stuff. Good.

And this is what half-way done looks like. Tulle is fun. It's frothy and girly and it's a great fabric to use as a 'volumizer' in this project. So grab your tulle, any colour will work, and cut a six inch (15cm) wide piece off of the end of the roll. You may want to cut more than one, depending on how large your turban is turning out to be.

Stuff the tulle between the hat form and the fabric tube. Keep most of it at the sides and back of the work. Hot glue the tulle to the hat form in a few spots on the sides, to keep it from slipping later on. You want the tulle to be bunchy, like a wadded up piece of paper. You also want the volume of the tulle to fill in the sides of the turban, not add height to the top of it.

And this is what half-way done looks like.Running stitch is used to create gathers.Running stitch with needle.

Bring the top edge up over the tulle, and get your needle and a spool of thread to match the fabric. Cut a generous amount of thread, and double it up so that it is as strong as possible.
Close the top.
Starting at the front seam, sew a running stitch along the top edge of the fabric, all the way around. Stop when you are back to where you began.
Pull gently to gather the fabric into a rosette and to close the top of the turban. Don't cut the thread, yet! Continue the running stitch down the font seam, and pull that gently, as well. The rosette should be pulled toward the front of the turban.

Gather the front of the turban as much as possible, and then secure the gathers and the thread with a stitch or three, and a knot. You can knot the thread at the front if you want to, because this will be covered by a feather and fancy button.

Close the top. Close the top. Close the top.

Add more gathers on the front sides (imagine the outer corner of the eyebrows). Use a running stitch, and just keep a length of thread in the fabric to hold the gather in place. Close the top. Close the top. Take a tuck in each of the back 'corners' of the work. Sew the tuck in the opposite direction as the gather, so that you create interesting folds in the fabric.

Now, back to the glue gun. Find a feather that you like, and see if it needs trimming to fit. Glue the feather over the seam. You can add stitches if you want to, to make it extra-secure. Add a decoration like a jeweled button, or a brooch. Place it so that it covers the bottom of the feather.

You have Finished the Turban!

Admire your work!
  1. cut and add tulle for volume
  2. hot glue the tulle so that it doesn't slip
  3. lift the fabric over the tulle carefully
  4. start at the front seam and sew a running stitch through the top edge of the fabric
  5. use the stitch to gather the top edge into a rosette
  6. take the running stitch down the seam at the front and gather the fabric, then secure the thread
  7. gather the fabric on the front sides with a running stitch similar to what you have just done on the front seam
  8. take tucks in the back corners, using stitches that are perpendicular to the gathering stitches to create interest
  9. hot glue a feather and a fancy jewel over the front seam
  10. Enjoy your costume turban!
turban front turban side



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