Demons of the Mind

Free monologue for a young woman.

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from the play 'Demons of the Mind by Talia Pura

A young woman is in prison for killing her kids

Jacob went to his room with Benny. They have bunk beds and Matthew has a cot. He just got his cot when Sarah was born. He fell out the first night so we just put the mattress down on the floor. He was so tired that he crawled into his bed all by himself. I gave him a hug. I gave each of the boys a big hug. Benny said, I love you, Mommy. He always does. Then Jacob copies him. I love you too, Mommy. I said, sleep tight, boys. Ben said, why do I have to take a nap, but he was yawning. He said, I feel dizzy, mommy. Shh, go to sleep. I carried Sarah from her stroller to the crib in our room. I kissed her and cuddled her and laid her down into her crib. She wasn’t moving but I had to be sure. I covered her face with a pillow and I pressed it hard. I held it there while I counted, one, two, three, four - to six hundred and sixty-six. Then I went into the hoys’ room. Matthew was sleeping, so was Jacob. Benjamin wanted to go to the bathroom. Okay, I said, go. I had to hurry. I couldn’t count for Matthew, but he didn’t take long - only a minute or two. Jacob seemed to take forever. I thought that Benny would come back before I was finished, but he didn’t. I ran to the girls’ room. They were asleep. I lifted Miriam’s head up and got her pillow out from under it. I held her pillow to her face - 220, 221, 222, 223 - Esther woke up. I took the pillow away. Miriam didn’t move. Esther tried to tickle her but Miriam didn’t move. What’s wrong with Miriam? I went to hold Esther down but she squirmed away. She looked at me and jumped off the bed and ran out of the bedroom. I was ready for this. I didn’t want to have to do it this way, but I was ready just in case. Before she got to the back door I had the knife and I stopped her. I didn’t want her to look like that, all covered in blood. I wanted her to be peaceful, in her bed, but I had no choice

*This monologue is offered on by permission of the playwright.