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Free Monologues for Kids. Here are a few suggestions that may contain appropriate monologues for children. See the links to find more monologues for teens, young children, young women, and adults. Children normally have favourite Disney or Pixar movies that may contain good monologue material. They have the adcantage of having it in audio form, and if you can narrow down some lines, these can make excellent monologue pieces, especially for children auditioning for film and television

Some of the monologues below are royalty-free. Where possible, we have included a .pdf version of the monologue for your convenience. Some of these suggestions are fine for either boys or girls. We strongly suggest that you read our article Be Prepared: 10 Audition Tips for New Actors. It contains information about what to look for in a monologue and more about auditioning.

About auditioning. We all see children acting on The Disney Channel, and others dedicated to providing entertainment for children and by children. These kids can't have degrees in acting or theatre, they may have been lucky enough to find a good acting class in their cities - but what they do have is drive and the support of their families. When Disney is casting for their shows, like The Mickey Mouse Club, they hope to find a charming child to take in as part of the family. There is a possibility out there that this could be your child. The best way to land that role is to be well-prepared and have confidence. You don't always need an agent, sometimes calls are placed for the puiblic, and you can attend those calls. Preparing a good monologue that your child can do flawlessly is one step in the right direction!

How long should the monologue be? Two minutes may be too much , so be sensitive to your child's ability and comfort level. A nine year old may have a hard time with a one minute monologue, but a twelve year old should be able to do at least 75 seconds. Children at these ages tend to be information sponges, so encourage something that approaches the two minute mark, so long as the child is comfortable.

What should my child audition with? It is fine to have a child audition with a light piece, especially at the younger age range in this category. By eleven and twelve years old, you should be able to find something that is representative of the audition notice request, and of the show being cast. (eg. Shakespeare, comedy, tragedy, contemporary, modern)

For the younger end of this age range, check the previous page for Young Children, and for the older age, also check the Teen section. There will always be overlap. It is up to you and your child, and the drama coach to decide what works best.
Check out How to find a Hollywood agent for teens and kids We provide a free list of legitimate Hollywood agencies that deal with children.

If you want some information on auditioning for Disney please go to How to get on Disney

Be very protective of your child, and ALWAYS be with them in a theatre or on a set, even during auditions. ALWAYS. If you are told that parents or guardians are not allowed, then that should be a huge red flag. Thank the directors for their time and take your child home.

Monologues from works in the public domain

“As young as I am, I have observed these three swashers.” - Boy Henry V, III, ii (tragedy, male)
“My mistress with a monster is in love” - Puck A Midsummer Night's Dream, III, ii (comedy, male or female)
“All hail, great master!” - Ariel The Tempest, I, ii (comedy, male or female)
“Oh you wicked little thing! Really, Dinah ought to have taught you better manners!” - Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll (comedy, female)

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