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One Act Plays have a basic set of rules and a basic structure that have to be followed that have nothing to do with the writing. Great writing can be torpedoed in a one act play by a flaw in play construction. While a set might be held together by tacs and twine, a script needs solid construction. In this article we will look at scene changes. to read more

Dialogue The script is always the first measure of a play. And for all intents and purposes, the script is basically dialogue; two people talking. That sums up the simplicity and the complexity of theatre. Two people talking. to read more

Off Stage characters that never come on stage are dangerous to the health of your play. They are dangerous because your characters on stage have to talk about them to establish these non appearing character's existence. This sets up the possibility of boring exposition. The only way this really works is if the unseen character affects the characters on stage. to read more

How to Direct a Play For those writers that are also interested in directing please go to How to Direct a Play

According to recent data from Forrester Research, e-book sales in the United States have jumped 183 per cent from this time last year. Amazon's e-books have been dominating those sales. The company announced in June that for every 143 Kindle books purchased in the previous three months, only 100 ink-and-paper hardcovers were sold. to read more

To self publish for free please go to Self Publish for Free

One Act Play Writing Competition First Prize $1,000 and open to any English language playwright. For more information on the contest please go to Bottle Tree Productions International One Act Competition for Writers

Results 2012 Competition

Winner of the 2012 playwriting competition Evan Guilford-Blake with Eighty-Two
Second Place went to Seth Freeman for Imperfectly Frank
Third Place went to James Harmon Brown for Close Your Eyes

Results 2011 Competition

Winner of the 2011 playwriting competition Greg Gasawski for The Vampire is a Strange and Wonderful Creature
Second Place went to Sebastien Archibald for Chairs: A Parable
Third Place went to Ellen Elizabeth Steves for Holy Smokes

Results 2010 Competition

Winner of the 2010 playwriting competition Amanda Andrei with Every Night I Die
Second Place went to Josh Hartwell for The Rank and the Blood Rush
Third Place went to Charlene A. Donaghy for Gift of an Orange
Third Place went to Evan Guilford-Blake for Tio's Blues

Results 2009 Competition

Winner of the 2009 playwriting competition Evan Guilford-Blake with American Blues
Second Place went to Talia Pura for Demons in the Mind
Third Place went to Richard Rossi for Sister Aimee

A quick set of script contest guidelines in order to help the novice playwright. Read this