Posters and Flyers

Well designed Colour Posters are a good way of advertizing the professionalism of your product, of your show. You can put a bar code on the poster that a potential customer can scan with their smart phone which will open up your website on their phone and they can purchase tickets right then. Posters should be well done and fit the style of the show with its art. A comedy should have the colours and the graphic style of a comedy. These posters are calling cards for your production. Take the time to make sure they look nice. There are different schedules for the marketing tools that you will use and only time will hone your scheduling skill. I think that posters should be put up early so that potential customers will be reminded of the show. With our aging population their eyesight will not be like that of a peregrine falcon. Make sure the information is brief and easy to read from a distance. Do not make your poster cluttered visually. Do not make a passer-by work to see the important info. If the art of your poster is not of a high quality, what does that say about your show? Posters can be relatively cheap to make and usually you can find someone in the company who will be skilled at graphic design. Iconic poster images such as CATS and Les Miserables resonate with audiences. When putting up posters, there are better areas than others, and many businesses of course won't accept posters. High-traffic areas are best and use your cast and crew to get posters in places that normally wouldn't take them. An actor might have a spouse that works for a company in a high-traffic mall for instance. With actors and crew you will have to follow up with them to make sure they actually put up your posters. If the posters don't go up no one will see them.

Flyers should have similar graphics to the poster. A consistent graphic theme reinforces the brand of your particular show. Flyers can be placed in hotels, restaurants and tourism centres. A bar code can also be placed on the flyer so someone with a smart phone can access your website. Flyers and posters should tell a passer-by to look at them. If your flyer is professional- looking passers-by are much more likely to pick them up. A great graphic be it photo or art work is imperative. Make your flyer attractive and people will pick them up.

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