It is not always possible, but try to get a radio sponsorship for the show. Some radio stations will give shows free ads in return for extensive recognition of the station as a sponsor. If a radio station does decide to sponsor your show, they will assess the kind of show you are doing and decide which demographic would be most interested in going to see the show. They would then put the commerials in the time slot that would best serve that demographic. They might find that older people might go to see a certain show or university students and adjust their commercial placement accordingly. Their on air personalities might mention the show periodically and ask for tickets from you for contests and on-air giveaways. Radio stations like to give packages away, for instance dinner and a show and they might want you to find the restaurant. Radio stations need listeners so they are constantly monitoring their demographics to best serve the listener. That will help make sure that your free ads are placed in the most advantageous demographic slots. They will want to make the ad. Make sure you have some input. Radio stations don't know theatre. Unsupervised, they could come up with a bad ad, an ad that badly represents your show. You don't want a rock 'n roll Arsenic and Old Lace ad. As part of the sponsorship process, the station will likely give you an interview. Bring a couple of the lead actors to the interview. Radio stations like interesting personalities, people that can think quickly on their feet. An interviewer doesn't want to have to work to pull answers from the people they interview. Make it a point to invite all the on air personalities to the show. A good way to create on air word of mouth buzz.

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