Self Publishing for Free

Self publishing for free is as easy as one two three. Write your book or play. Edit it again and again until you like what you have. Go to Create Space and download a word template. The template gives you valuable info about how to format your work. Save the template and then name it as your play or book and then copy and paste your work into the template. The first time you upload your work it will take some time to go through the publishing steps. But the more you do it, the faster it becomes. When you see the template from Create Space, you will notice that it is formulated for books, not plays, but it is easy to adapt your play format into their template. One issue I had was with inserting page numbers. I think that came from me editing after I had it in the template. But it can be figured out. Save your script as a PDF before uploading. From free to full-service,

ISBN Number

If you so choose, you will be issued an ISBN number by Create Space.

Create cover art

Create Space will give you a selection of book cover templates but the cover art is pretty generic. If you have a nice photo that you are legally allowed to use, you can upload your own photo for the front cover. You can use free editing software like GIMP ro get the dimensions right. A good photo can be a great selling tool. Upload your edited photo. They have a cover creator which fills in the title and other information.

Below is an example of a template cover that I created for my play: Pretty Pieces

Pretty Pieces book cover

Go to Amazon to look at Pretty Pieces

When you have completed all the steps for uploading your play then they will provide a proof that you can look at either online or downloaded as a pdf. It is important to check and re-check this proof. You will likely notice mistakes that you hadn't noticed before. Proof reading is so important. Make the necessary changes and then re-upload your finished product.

You will set the price for your play or book and Create Space will show you how much you will make per sale. You have to charge a certain minimum amount to make money. The more money you charge for your play, the more money you will make as net profit. Though, with a higher sales price you might get less actual sales. Make your best estimate of what price would make you the maximum amount of money. Selling 1,000 copies at one dollar net profit is the same as selling 200 copies at a net five dollar profit.

Create Space will send your info and a picture of your book cover and ordering information to Amazon. When a customer orders your play or book from Amazon, Create Space will ship them a paperback copy of your work.

Because Create Space only prints on demand orders, there are no issues with having excess Inventory. With Amazon, you get access to international distribution. When you have published with Create Space your book will be available online in Canada the United States, Great Britain and Europe. All this is free of charge for you. You can also order copies of your published work for yourself at less than the regular consumer price.

None of this has to cost anything but time and effort. Don't be sucked in by get rich quick offers from any other self-publishing companies. The rise of Amazon has put publishing in the hands of the artists. Just a word of warning. You can pay money for various options with Create Space, but you can also get away with paying nothing. But you do have to market the hell out of your book or play.

Self Publishing

is a great investment for the future. There is no time limit when you self-publish. Your work can generate income for years. Each play or book you upload for distribution on Amazon becomes a source of income for the rest of your life. Take charge of your own career and self publish for free. All it takes is time and effort, and it doesn't have to cost you a cent.

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