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The Gospel According to Saint Mark Poster
Audiences' and Critics' Accolades for The Gospel:

"This show was amazing, I heard all the words, new and fresh!"

"A must-see, moving production."

"A tour de force!"

You can have Matthew Gibson's tour-de-force solo show
The Gospel According to Saint Mark
come to your church!

This remarkable piece is now available for booking at your church. Its beautiful text -- the entire Book of Mark from the King James Bible -- and simple technical requirements make The Gospel According to Saint Mark easily adaptable to most any church sanctuary, theatre or meeting hall. Present it as a special program for your parishioners, or promote it as a church fundraiser, but make sure you don't let the opportunity to experience this extraordinary masterpiece pass you by.

To find out more about the production, please visit The Gospel According to Saint Mark website. We have posted testimonials from audiences and clergy, and copies of the published reviews of the original theatrical production. You will find information about rates and scheduling, as well as sample posters, press releases, flyers, programs, and other materials to help you publicize your performance, all available for free download. The Gospel According to Saint Mark is available for Lenten bookings in 2011 from now through May inclusive (and throughout the year, as scheduling permits).

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