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Greek plays are the ones most often referred to as 'Classical'. These works are time-tested, and can serve to consolidate your understanding of archetypes, themes, and play structure. We have included links to monologues that are appropriate for teens, taken from these works, which are all in the public domain, and can easily be found online and in your library. We recommend that you read the whole play and understand it when you are working on a monologue - it will help you gain insight into the character that you are portraying.

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These monologues need to be fully understood, and spoken and acted naturally. Many aspiring actors place great import on 'classical' theatre and adopt a tone of voice and a posture that they imagine to be dignified and upper-class. Always play the role as a real person with a story to tell, even if the language seems elevated or snooty. It is your job to make the monologue come to life.

Classical Monologues

“Oh, misery, misery! Again comes on me The terrible labor of true prophecy” - Cassandra, 'Agamemnon', Aeschylus (tragedy, female, 15 yrs to young adult)

“Burghers of Cadmos, timely words beseem Him at the stern who guards the city's weal,” - Eteocles, 'The Seven Against Thebes', Aeschylus (tragedy, male 17 & up)

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