Contemporary Monologues for Teens

You will find a range of powerful contemporary monologues on this page. These monologues have been chosen because they can show off an actor's ability and emotional range. They are free to use. Just click on the link for the monologue you wish to look at and you will be directed to that monologue page. Feel free to copy it. We share our creative work with young people to help them with their careers. These monologues are very suitable for teenagers. Paired with a Classical or Shakespearean monologue, these monologues are part of a perfect recipe for auditioning succeess.

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Contemporary Monologues

“Here I sit in my backyard, in the shade of my tree, my big old oak tree..” - 60's girl, 'The Ghost of the Tree' , Charles Robertson (drama, female, 16 - 20 yrs)

“I been on the street for four years now.” - Homeless teen-aged girl, 'The Ghost of the Tree' , Charles Robertson (drama, female, 16 - 20 yrs)

“I want so much to have a normal life, but I can't have a normal life, can I?” - Swimming in blood 'Pretty Pieces' , Charles Robertson (drama, female, 16 - 20 yrs)

“Hmm. I thought in the whole wide world that we were special,” - Girl killing her brother 'Pretty Pieces' , Charles Robertson (drama, female, 16 - 20 yrs)

“I work upstairs at the call centre. It's goddam boring.” - Young man having a smoke break, Marianne Miller (drama, male, 16 - 23 yrs)

“Jacob went to his room with Benny.” - Young woman in prison for killing her children.'Demons of the Mind' Talia Pura (drama, female, 16 - 28 yrs)

“I pray a lot; you know that.” - Young woman hoping to escape her grim life through marriage.'Tio's Blues' Evan Guilford-Blake (drama, female, 16 - 23 yrs)

“Hello? Hello, hi. Accounts Receivable Management?” - Young single mother on the phone to a bill collector. 'The Vampire is a Strange and Wonderful Creature' Gary Gasawski (drama, female, 16 - 28 yrs)

“Hallelujah. When my first husband Robert died on the mission field in China, I was penniless and pregnant.” - Young woman discovers God. 'Sister Aimee' Richard Rossi (drama, female, 16 - 28 yrs)

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