Television is a problematic medium to showcase theatre. The major issue is that since television is a visual medium, theatre has too many words to work well on the small screen. Any scenes that might be filmed by the local television station in a let the camera run kind of way always looks bad. Theatre scenes can look very amateurish on television, minus the magic of lights and a live audience. This is not to say that television should not be used to promote theatre, it is just that any theatre company using this medium should be aware of the difficulties.

How to use television

Interviews with attractive and charming actors is always a plus on television. Most interview subjects on local television usually seem wooden and stiff. Actors are generally lucid and intellugent speakers. If you have a local cable television station, get in touch with them and see if they will do an interview and film some of the rehearsal in costume. Pick scenes that are visually compelling. If there is a commercial station, they can likely be talked into doing an interview and giving away tickets. It is not a cost-effective idea to advertise on television. In fact television advertising is an inefficient use of money. A television sponsorship with free ads is particularly good if you hope that the majority of your potential audience is older.

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