Websites are an integral part of any company these days. Everyone is connected on the internet and websites are a great way of advertising your product. You can sell tickets on your site through Paypal or Eventbrite. You can promote your product for free. If you have a show coming up you can write some interesting content about that show with pictures to go with it. If your company offers theatre classes you can promote those as well with the ability to get people to register online and pay for those classes. With the slow death of paper news, there is a growing number of web users hungry for information, and for entertainment. You can code your own website or you can do a pre-fab website where you just drag and drop images. You choose a theme for your website, a colour and then you populate it with your written content and your photos and graphics. If you are starting your own website do not pick colours that will make the text unreadable. If you put up well-written articles on your website about the shows or about the creative team, then people will be interested in reading them. You can offer a ticket giveaway every so often on your site to draw people to visit there. Make sure you sign up for the free Google products like Adsense and Analytics. Analytics is a great way to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. There are people who have the expertise to build websites that you can hire but unless you are doing really well as a company I would caution against that. In fact any website that the people running the theatre company don't have absolute control over can lead to big problems down the road. If the web site builder no longer has a good relationship with the company, there go the passwords, the files, the website, everything. You become locked out of your own website. Keep control of it. Most theatre companies have very creative people who like trying new things so a website should not be a difficult thing. A few months hard work with a sharp learning curve and you have the internet machine to generate interest, cash and loyal internet visitors.

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