Amanda Andrei-First Place 2010

Inspiration for 'Every Night I Die'

This play was inspired from several sources, all connected to the Philippines. Based on fieldwork conducted as a student, I learned about several fascinating aspects of Philippine folklore, as well as hearing some heartrending true stories from locals. Some of the phrases and sentiment are English renderings of Tagalog poetry and songs (although it is more likely that Filipinos living in the southern Philippines would speak different languages). The play is kept in English instead of multilingual, namely to provide a sense of universality. Indeed, the pathos of this story reverberates within any color, creed, or faith.

Judge's comments

An epic look at life and culture in the Phillipines. Imported Christianity and home-grown religion do battle for the hearts and minds of the characters of the play. The unhappy condition of women who are practically sold into domestic slavery fuels this beautifully written and imagined doorway to earlier myths and legends. This play explores how men and women become trapped in the machinery of religion and the strict roles imposed on the sexes. Mountains, houses and fields are created on the stage of this play in a very imaginatively created world. A very ambitious play which sometimes falls in the details, but inspires always with the power of its telling.