Sari Caine-First Place 2013

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Sari Caine's Biography

Sari Caine is NYC born and bred playwright, chess instructor, musician, and actress. She is also the Artistic Director/Co-founder of non-profit theater company Slightly Altered States. Sari's plays have been produced at IRT, Jimmy's No. 43, St Clements, Roy Arias Theater, O'Flahertys/The Hells Kitchen Arts Festival, The Manhattan Repertory Theater, Dixon Place Theater, The Strawberry Festival, and accepted to the Network One Act Festival. Residencies include IRT, SPACE on Ryder Farms, Jimmy's No 43, and Manhattan Theater Source Playground Development Series. Her other plays written and produced include The Thing About Dan, Mr Landing Takes A Fall, Brunch!, Christmas Island, The Cafe Plays, Endicott, Rabbit on the Landing, The Pickle Jar Play, Needs, & Blurring The Lines. She has been published on Indie Theater Now. Mr Landing Takes A Fall was a 2013 PlayPenn Finalist, is currently on the short list for the Ronald Duncan award, had a reading at IRT(2013), and another upcoming at The Players Club. It will be produced by Slightly Altered States at The Connelly Theater in NYC fall/2014.

She will give free tickets to anyone who will come from Canada to see it!

She was a champion scholastic chess player, and has been teaching since she was 13. Since then, she has taught in every borough in NYC, often doing volunteer work with inner city youth and seniors. She's written two chess books for children. As an actress, she has worked both in NYC and regionally. NYC theaters include: Circle in the Square, EST, York Theater, Theater Row, St Clements, La Mama, IRT, & Dixon Place. Film/TV includes: Orange is the New Black, Mr Destiny, June Roses, No Reservations, The Year of the Nail (by Jonas Cuaron), as well as web series.

Upcoming: The Case of Josephine X. She is a graduate of Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn and NYU Gallatin, where she developed her book on Utopias in literature and history, combined with a non-fiction account of her experience visiting present- day Intentional Communities, funded by stopping off at strip clubs along the way. She enjoys improvising, doing Catbarets (musical benefits for cats!), and putting up plays for as little money as possible...She also broke her wrist the last time she visited Canada (but had a wonderful trip regardless) more information about her can be found at and her theater company at

Judge's comments

A mind-bending comedy for adults. Very well written. The unique set evolves continually to creates a disorienting world for the audience. The rapidly changing characters and relationships make this play by Sari Caine a roller coaster ride of absurd fun capped off by the flying pig. The amazing thing to me is that she manages to pull off this very ambitious psychedelic adventure in playwriting. visual and verbal treats throughout!